• Diagnosis, Repairs & Upgrades

    Troubleshooting solutions for devices running Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Software and hardware repair and upgrade services.

  • Computer Help & Tuition

    Learn how to use your devices, how to make the most of their capabilities and how to use them in the most beneficial way for your needs.

  • Purchasing Advice

    Have suitable equipment sourced and explained for you to avoid overspending on computers and electronics.

  • Wireless Setup & Installation

    Eliminate the wires in your home and office, connect all your devices wirelessly and improve the speed and range of your connections.

  • Internet Security & Privacy

    Computer safety procedures including data encryption, backup, anti-virus, scam protection and internet safety for you and your family.
  • About

    TechnologySmart is an independent technical support service providing on site advice, tuition and repair services for computers, home electronics and mobile devices within the Sevenoaks area.

    Consultancy is provided purely as a service without product sales or commission so you can be assured of unbiased advice to suit your needs, whatever your preference in hardware or software.

    On site services fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity.

    Purchasing advice and prices shown from retailers are correct at time of writing and can be subject to change later.

    No personal identifying information is transferred to any third party without prior notification and client authorisation.

    Data transfer and/or recovery may require a temporary unencrypted duplicate made for backup purposes during transfer, this data is securely erased after client confirmation of job completion. No client data is retained after completion of work unless expressly requested for the purposes of data backup.